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CA: A CANCER JOURNAL FOR CLINICIANS v. 1 , 1950 - WileyFullCollection
CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians 1950- HighWire/FreeMedJ
CA Magazine ProQuest
CAD/CAM Update AcademicSearchPremier
Cadernos de saude publica 1996 1997 2000 2001 2002 2003 PubMedLinkOut
CAE ProQuest
Calcified Tissue International LINK
CALCOLO - A Quarterly on Numerical Analysis and Theory of Computation Link
Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations Link
California Law Review AcademicSearchPremier
California Management Review ProQuest
California Medicine 1946-1973.
Continued as "Western Journal of Medicine"
California Nurse AcademicSearchPremier
California State Journal of Medicine 1902 - 1924.
Continued as "California and Western Medicine"
California and Western Medicine 1924 - 1946.
Continued as "California Medicine"
California Medicine  v.65;1946 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Calphad ScienceDirect
Cambridge Journal of Education AcademicSearchPremier
Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics [Click Browse Journal -> Alphabetically] Free from Cambridge
Camera Obscura AcademicSearchPremier
Campaigns & Elections AcademicSearchPremier
Campus Life AcademicSearchPremier
Canada -- United States Law Journal AcademicSearchPremier
Canada & the World AcademicSearchPremier
Canada & the World Backgrounder AcademicSearchPremier
Canada Communicable Disease Report FreeMedJ
Canadian Alzheimer Disease Report FreeMedJ
Canadian Architect 1999 - AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal 1998- ProQuest
Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal 1999 - AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal 2009 v. 60 - Clinical Key [chulamed]
Canadian Association Radiologists Journal FreeMedJ
Canadian Banker ProQuest
Canadian Bioethics Report FreeMedJ
Canadian Business AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Business Conditions ProQuest
Canadian Business Review ProQuest
Canadian Business Review AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Review 2003 - 2005.
continued as "Journal of Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry"
Canadian Datasystems ProQuest
Canadian Dimension AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Electronics ProQuest
Canadian Electronics AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Ethnic Studies AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Family Physician 1967 - 2008. PubmedCentral
Canadian Family Physician FreeMedJ
Canadian Geographic AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Historical Review AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Insurance ProQuest
Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences ProQuest
Canadian Journal of Anesthesia v.1 1954 - Chulamed-SpringerLink
Canadian Journal of Anesthesia - free after one year FreeMedJ/HighWire
Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Journal of Cardiology v.22, 2006 - delay 12 months PubMedCentral
Canadian Journal of Cardiology 2007 v. 23 - Clinical Key [chulamed]
Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine  v.1;1937 - Immediate
Continued as "Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research"
Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine and Veterinary Science 1940 - 1968.
Continued as "Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine"
Canadian Journal of Criminology 1992-2002. AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Journal of Criminology & Criminal Justice 2003- delay 6 months AcademicSearchPremier
CANADIAN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS v. 33 , 2000 - WileyFullCollection
Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine FreeMedJ
Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology
          PsyArticle 1947-
          ProQuest Med Complete 1993-
          Medline Fulltext Complete 2007-
Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology  v.20;2006 - After 12 monthsPubMedCentral
Canadian Journal of History AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy FreeMedJ
Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality 1998- AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases  v.11;2000 - After 12 monthsPubMedCentral
Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases & Medical Microbiology  v.15;2004 - After 12 monthsPubMedCentral
Canadian Journal of Information & Library Sciences AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 2007 - Medline Complete
Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology 2007 v. 42 - Clinical Key [chulamed]
Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 2001- delay 6 months AcadSearchComplete
Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 1998-2007. ProQuest
Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery  v.14;2006 - After 12 monthsPubMedCentral
Canadian Journal of Psychiatry 1996- FreeMedJ
Canadian Journal of Psychiatry 1999- AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Journal of Psychiatry 2004- ProQuestMedComplete
Canadian Journal of Public Health 1998 - ProQuest
Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine 1998- ProquestMedComplete
Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine 1999- AcademicSearchComplete
Canadian Journal of School Psychology SagePublication
Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics, & Technology 1997- Taylor&Francis
Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics, & Technology 2002- delay 6 months AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Journal of Sociology AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Journal of Surgery 1994- ProQuest
Canadian Journal of Surgery 1999- AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Journal of Surgery  v.50;2007 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Canadian Journal of Surgery FreeMedJ
Canadian Journal of Urology 1994- Free@canjurol.com
Canadian Journal of Urban Research AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research  v.50;1986 - After 3 monthsPubMedCentral
Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research FreeMedJ
Canadian Manager ProQuest
Canadian Medical Association Journal
       MDConsult 2001 -
       CanadianMedAssoc 1911 -
       PubMedCentral 1911- delay 1 year review article maybe not available
       ProQuestMedComplete 1997-
       AcadSearchComplete 1997-
Canadian Medical Association Journal.Supplement 1997- AcadSearchComplete
Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly ScienceDirect
Canadian Modern Language Review AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Psychiatric Association Bulletin FreeMedJ
Canadian Psychology 1998- ScienceDirect
Canadian Psychology 2007- AcadSearchComplete
Canadian Respiratory Journal : Journal of the Canadian Thoracic Society  v.13;2006 - After 12 monthsPubMedCentral
Canadian Review of American Studies AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Review of Sociology & Anthropology AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Shareowner ProQuest
Canadian Social Trends AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Theatre Review AcademicSearchPremier
Canadian Underwriter ProQuest
Canadian Urological Association Journal  v.1;2007 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
The Canadian Veterinary Journal  v.1;1960 - After 3 monthsPubMedCentral
Canadian Wildlife AcademicSearchPremier
Canarias Pediatrica FreeMedJ
Cancer 1948 - Chulamed-wiley
Cancer 2009 v.1 - Free@mdpi.com
Cancer BiomarkersIOS Press trial 15 Jun -15 Aug 2009
Cancer Biotechnology Weekly AcademicSearchPremier
Cancer Cell 2002- ScienceDirect
Cancer Cell 2002- FreeMedJ
Cancer Cell International FreeMedJ
Cancer Cell International  v.1;2001 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Cancer Cytopathology [IP] 1997 - Chulamed-wiley
Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology LINK
Cancer Control: Journal of the Moffitt Cancer Center 1995- FreeMedJ
Cancer Detection and Prevention 2002 - ScienceDirect
Cancer Detection and Prevention 2007 v. 31 - Clinical Key [chulamed]
Cancer Detection and Prevention 1998-1999. Blackwell Synergy
Cancer Drug Discovery and Developement SpringerBookSeries
Cancer Epidemiology 2009 v. 33 - Clinical Key [chulamed]
Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention 1991 - Chulamed-aacr
Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention free after 1 year FreeMedJ/HighWire
Cancer Forum - Journal of the Cancer Council Australia FreeMedJ
Cancer Gene Therapy Nature Trial till April 08
Cancer Gene Therapy 1999-2003. Nature free online
Cancer Gene Therapy 1999- [delay 1 year] AcademicSearchPremier
Cancer Gene Therapy 2000- [delay 1 year] ProQuestMedLibrary
Cancer Genetics 2011 v. 204 - Clinical Key [chulamed]
Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics 1979- ScienceDirect&BackFile
Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics 2007 v. 172 - Clinical Key [chulamed]
Cancer Growth and Progression SpringerBookSeries
Cancer Imaging  v.4;2004 - After 24 monthsPubMedCentral
Cancer Immunity FreeMedJ/PubmedLinkout
Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy 1976- SpringerLINK&Archives
Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy 2000- delay 1 year MedlineComplete [chulamed]
Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy 2002- delay 1 year ProQuestMedComplete
Cancer Informatics  v.1;2005 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Cancer Investigation 1983- chulamed-InformaHealthCare
Cancer Investigation 2001 - delay 1 year AcademicSearchPremier
Cancer Journal 2000-2007. AcademicSearchPremier
Cancer Letters 1995- ScienceDirect
Cancer Letters 2007 v. 245 - Clinical Key [chulamed]
Cancer Metastasis - Biology and Treatment SpringerBookSeries
Cancer Microenvironment  v.1;2008 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Cancer News AcademicSearchPremier
Cancer Practice AcademicSearchPremier
Cancer Prevention Research 2008 - Chulamed-aacr
Cancer/Radiotherapie 1997- ScienceDirect
Cancer Research 1999 - Chulamed-aacr
Cancer Research after 1 year FreeMedJ/HighWire
Cancer Research and Treatment : Official Journal of Korean Cancer Association  v.40;2008 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Cancer Researcher Weekly AcademicSearchPremier
Cancer Science 1991 - WileyFullCollection (open)
Cancer science 1998-2004.| 2003 FreeMedJ/PubMedLinkOut
Cancer Treatment and Research SpringerBookSeries
Cancer Treatment Reviews 1995-ScienceDirect
Cancer Treatment Reviews 2007 v. 33 - Clinical Key [chulamed]
Cancer Weekly AcademicSearchPremier
Cancer Weekly Plus AcademicSearchPremier
CAP Today FreeMedJ
Capacity Management Review ProQuest
Capital & Class AcademicSearchPremier
Carbohydrate Polymers ScienceDirect
Carbohydrate Research ScienceDirect
Carbon ScienceDirect
Carbon Balance and Management  v.1;2006 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Carcinogenesis 1980 - Chulamed-Oxford&BackFile
Carcinogenesis 1996 - delay 1 yearChulamed-Medline
Carcinogenesis 1998-2009. ProQuestMedComplete
Carcinogenesis  v.29;2008 - After 12 monthsPubMedCentral
Carcinogenesis after 2 years FreeMedJ/HighWire
Card Technology TodayScienceDirect
Cardiac Electrophysiology Clinics 2009 v. 1 - Clinical Key [chulamed]
Cardiology (Issues) 1937-
          Click "Contents : all years" to see 1937-present
Cardiology 1998 - delay 1 year AcadSearchComplete
Cardiology 1998 - delay 1 year ProQuestMedComplete
Cardiology Clinics 1996 - MDConsult-eClinicsSDOL
Cardiology Clinics 2007 v. 25 - Clinical Key [chulamed]
Cardiology Clinics of North America 2003 Vol 21 No. 1 Free issue from theclinics.com
Cardiology in Review 1993-LWW@ovid&BackFile
Cardiology Review 2000, 2006-present FreeOnline
Cardiology Review2007-present AcadSearchComplete
Cardiology and Therapy 2012 - Springer ADIS chulamed
Cardiology in the Young
       Cambridge 1991 -
       Proquest Med Complete 2001- delay 1 year
       Academic Search Complete 2004- delay 1 year
Cardiovascular Diabetology  v.1;2002 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Cardiovascular diabetology PubMedLinkOut/FreeMedJ
Cardiovascular Diseases  v.1;1974 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Cardiovascular Drug Reviews
       Wiley Full Collection & BackFile 1983-2008.
       AcadSearchComplete / Medline 2006-2008.
CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology 1977- SpringerLINK&Archives
CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology 1997- delay 1 year ProQuestMedComplete
CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology 2003- delay 1 year MedlineComplete
Cardiovascular Pathology 1995-ScienceDirect
Cardiovascular Pathology 2007 v. 16 - Clinical Key [chulamed]
Cardiovascular Radiation Medicine 1999-ScienceDirect
Cardiovascular Research 1967 - Chulamed-Oxford&BackFile
Cardiovascular Research 1996 - delay 1 yearChulamed-Medline
Cardiovascular Research  v.79;2008 - After 12 monthsPubMedCentral
Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine 2007 v. 8 - Clinical Key [chulamed]
CARDIOVASCULAR THERAPEUTICS v. 1 , 1983 - WileyFullCollection&BackFile
Cardiovascular Ultrasound  v.1;2003 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Cardiovascular ultrasound PubMedLinkOut
Cardiovascular Ultrasound FreeMedJ
Career World AcademicSearchPremier
Careers & Colleges AcademicSearchPremier
Caries Research (Issues) 1967-
          Click "Contents : all years" to see 1967-present
Caries Research 1997- [delay 1 year] ProQuest
Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series On Public PolicyScienceDirect
Cartographic Journal AcademicSearchPremier
Cartographica AcademicSearchPremier
The Case Manager ScienceDirect
Case Reports & Clinical Practice Review 2001- FreeMedJ
Case Reports in Dermatology 2009- Chulamed-Karger
Case Reports in Gastroenterology 2007- Chulamed-Karger
Case Reports in Medicine  v.2009;2009 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Case Reports in Neurology 2008- Chulamed-Karger
Case Reports in Oncology 2008- Chulamed-Karger
Case Reports in Ophthalmology 2010- Chulamed-Karger
Case Reports in Medicine  v.2009;2009 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law AcademicSearchPremier
Case Western Reserve Law Review AcademicSearchPremier
Cases Journal  v.1;2008 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Cash Management News ProQuest
Catalog Age ProQuest
Catalysis CommunicationsScienceDirect
Catalysis Reviews Science and Engineering 1997- Taylor&Francis
Catalysis Reviews: Science & Engineering 1998- delay 1 year AcademicSearchPremier
Catalysis Today ScienceDirect
Cather Studies AcademicSearchPremier
CATENA ScienceDirect
Catholic Biblical Quarterly AcademicSearchPremier
Catholic Historical Review AcademicSearchPremier
CATO Journal AcademicSearchPremier
Cato Journal ProQuest
CBE Life Sciences Education 2002- FreeMedJ
CBE Life Sciences Education  v.5;2006 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
CD Computing News AcademicSearchPremier
CDC Prevention Guidelines FreeMedJ
CDC Surveillance Summaries FreeMedJ
CDC Travelers' Health FreeMedJ
CDR - Communicable Disease Report Weekly 1991- FreeMedJ
CD-ROM Databases AcademicSearchPremier
CD-ROM Professional AcademicSearchPremier
CD-ROM Professional ProQuest
CD-ROM World ProQuest
Cell 1974- ScienceDirect&BackFile
Cell 1974- free after 1 year FreeMedJ
Cell Adhesion & Migration  v.1;2007 - After 12 monthsPubMedCentral
Cell Biology Education  v.1;2002 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Cell biology education |2002 2003 FreeMedJ/PubMedLinkOut
Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics v. 1, 1979 - present SpringerLink*
CELL BIOCHEMISTRY AND FUNCTION v. 14 , 1996 - WileyFullCollection
Cell Biology International ScienceDirect
Cell Biology and Toxicology v. 1, 1984 - present SpringerLink
Cell Calcium 1995-ScienceDirect
Cell Calcium 2007 v. 41 - Clinical Key [chulamed]
Call Center Solutions ProQuest
Cell & Chromosome  v.1;2002 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Cell and chromosome | 2002 FreeMedJ/PubMedLinkOut
Cell Communication and Adhesion 1993- chulamed-InformaHealthCare
Cell Communication & Adhesion 2002- [delay 1 year] AcademicSearchPremier
Cell Communication and Signaling : CCS  v.1;2003 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Cell Communication and Signaling FreeMedJ
Cell Cycle 2002- delay 1 year Free@landesbioscience.com
Cell Death and Differentiation free 1997-2006. Nature free online
Cell Death & Differentiation 2000- [delay 1 year] ProQuestMed
Cell Death & Differentiation 1997- [delay 1 year] AcademicSearchPremier
Cell Differentiation ScienceDirect
Cell Differentiation and Development ScienceDirect
Cell Division  v.1;2006 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Cell Engineering SpringerBookSeries
Cell Growth & Differentiation 1990 - 2002. Chulamed-aacr
Cell Growth & Differentiation- after 1 year FreeMedJ/HighWire
Cell Metabolism 2005- after 1 year FreeMedJ
CELL PROLIFERATION v. 30 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Cell Proliferation 1998- [delay 1 year] AcademicSearchPremier
Cell Regulation  v.1;1989 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Cell Research free 1999-2003. Nature free online
Cell Research FreeMedJ
Cell Stress & Chaperones ScienceDirect
Cell Stress & Chaperones  v.1;1996 - After 6 monthsPubMedCentral
Cell Structure and Function 1975- FreeMedJ
Cell and Tissue Banking 2000 - SpringerLink
Cell and Tissue Banking 2000 - delay 1 year ProQuestMedComplete
Cells Tissues Organs (Issues) 1945-
          Click "Contents : all years" to see 1945-present
Cell and Tissue Research 1997- SpringerLink
Cell and Tissue Research 2002- delay 1 year ProQuestMedComplete
Cells Tissues Organs (Issues) 1999-
Cells Tissues Organs 1999- [delay 1 year] ProQuest
Cells Tissues Organs 1999- [delay 1 year] AcademicSearchPremier
Cellular & Molecular Immunology 2004 - Free@www.cmi.ustc.edu.cn
Cellular Business ProQuest
Cellular Immunology 1995- ScienceDirect
CELLULAR MICROBIOLOGY v. 1 , 1999 - WileyFullCollection
Cellular Microbiology 1999- delay 1 year AcademicSearchPremier
Cellular Microbiology Free after 2 years FreeMedJ
Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters FreeMedJ
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences : CMLS 1997- SpringerLink
Cellular OncologyIOS Press trial 15 Jun -15 Aug 2009
Cellular Organelles SpringerBookSeries
Cellular Origin and Life in Extreme Habitats and Astrobiology SpringerBookSeries
Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry 1991-
          Click "Contents : all years" to see 1991-present
Cellular Signalling 1989-1994. ScienceDirectBackFile
Cement and Concrete Composites 1995- ScienceDirect
Cement and Concrete Research 1995- ScienceDirect
CENTAURUS v. 39 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Centaurus AcademicSearchPremier
Central Asian Survey AcademicSearchPremier
Central European ProQuest
Central European History AcademicSearchPremier
Central European Journal of Operations Research Link
Centro Journal AcademicSearchPremier
Cephalalgia 1997 - 2009. BlackwellWiley
Cephalalgia 1996 - [delay 1 year] AcademicSearchPremier
Ceramics in Orthopaedics SpringerBookSeries
Ceramic Industry ProQuest
Ceramics International ScienceDirect
Ceramics Monthly AcademicSearchElite
Cerebellum 2002- Taylor&Francis
Cerebellum 2002- delay 1 year AcademicSearchPremier
Cerebral Cortex 1991 - Chulamed-Oxford&BackFile
Cerebral Cortex 1996 - delay 1 yearChulamed-Medline
Cerebral Cortex 1999 - 2009. ProQuestMedComplete
Cerebral Cortex (New York, NY)  v.18;2008 - After 12 monthsPubMedCentral
Cerebral Cortex- after 2 years FreeMedJ/HighWire
Cerebrospinal Fluid Research  v.1;2004 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Cerebrovascular Diseases (Issues) 1991-
          Click "Contents : all years" to see 1991-present
Ceylon Medical Journal FreeMedJ
CFO: The Magazine for Senior Financial Executives ProQuest
Chain Store Age ProQuest
Chain Store Age Executive ProQuest
Challenge ProQuest
Challenge: Reaching & Teaching the Gifted Child* AcademicSearchPremier
Challenge to Racial Stratification - National Political Science Review AcademicSearchPremier
Challenge (UK) AcademicSearchPremier
Chang Gung Medical Journal 2002- FreeOnline
Change AcademicSearchPremier
Changing English: Studies in Reading & Culture AcademicSearchPremier
Changing Racial Regime - National Political Science Review AcademicSearchPremier
Chaos AcademicSearchPremier
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals ScienceDirect
Chaucer Review AcademicSearchPremier
Chem-Bio Informatics Journal FreeMedJ
Chemical Engineering Communications 2002- Taylor&Francis
CHEMICAL BIOLOGY & DRUG DESIGN v. 67 , 2006 - WileyFullCollection
Chemical Business ProQuest
Chemical Educator, The Link
Chemical Engineering Communications 1997- Taylor&Francis
Chemical Engineering Communications 2002- delay 1 year AcadSearchComplete
Chemical Engineering and Processing ScienceDirect
Chemical Engineering JournalScienceDirect
Chemical Engineering Journal and the Biochemical Engineering Journal ScienceDirect
Chemical Engineering Journal ScienceDirect
Chemical Engineering Science ScienceDirect
CHEMICAL ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY (CET) v. 21 , 1998 - WileyFullCollection
Chemical Geology ScienceDirect
Chemical Health and Safety ScienceDirect
Chemical Immunology and Allergy2007-2009.KargerBkSeries Trail till Dec 2010
CHEMICAL VAPOR DEPOSITION v. 4 , 1998 - WileyFullCollection
Chemical Week AcademicSearchPremier
Chemical Market Reporter ProQuest
Chemical Marketing Reporter ProQuest
Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin | 2001 2002 2003 FreeMedJ/PubMedLinkOut
Chemical Physics 1995- ScienceDirect
Chemical Physics Letters 1995- ScienceDirect
Chemical Research in Toxicology 1988- ACS&BackFile
Chemical Reviews 1925- ACS&Archive
Chemical Senses 1974- chulamed-Oxford&BackFile
Chemical Senses 1996- delay 1 year chulamed-Medline
Chemical Senses 1999-2009. ProQuestMedComplete
Chemical Senses after 2 years FreeMedJ/HighWire
Chemical Journal on Internet FreeMedJ
Chemical Senses 1996 - Chulamed-Oxford
Chemical Week ProQuest
Chemical Week AcademicSearchElite
Chemico-Biological Interactions ScienceDirect
CHEMIE IN UNSERER ZEIT (CHIUZ) v. 34 , 2000 - WileyFullCollection
CHEMIE-INGENIEUR-TECHNIK (CIT) v. 72 , 2000 - WileyFullCollection
CheminformaticsIOS Press trial 15 Jun -15 Aug 2009
CHEMISTRY - A EUROPEAN JOURNAL v. 7 , 2001 - WileyFullCollection
CHEMISTRY & BIODIVERSITY v. 1 , 2004 - WileyFullCollection
Chemistry & Biology ScienceDirect
Chemistry Central Journal  v.1;2007 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Chemistry & Ecology 1997- Taylor&Francis
Chemistry & Ecology 2002- delay 1 year AcademicSearchComplete
Chemistry Letters FreeMedJ
Chemistry of Materials ACS
Chemistry and Physics of Lipids ScienceDirect
Chemical Senses  v.33;2008 - After 12 monthsPubMedCentral
CHEMOECOLOGY Birkhäuser Link
Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems ScienceDirect
Chemosphere ScienceDirect
Chemosphere - Global Change Science ScienceDirect
Chemotherapy (Issues) 1960-
          Click "Contents : all years" to see 1960-present
Chest 1935 - Chulamed
Chest 1997 - 2006. ProQuest
Chest 2000 - 2005. AcademicSearchPremier
Chest after 1 year FreeMedJ/HighWire
Chest - Supplement 1995 - Chulamed
Chest Surgery Clinics of North America 2002 - 2003. eClinic SDOL
Chicago Fed Letter ProQuest
Chicago Fed Letter AcademicSearchPremier
Chicago Review AcademicSearchPremier
Chief Executive ProQuest
Chief Information Officer Journal ProQuest
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health  v.1;2007 - Immediate PubMedCentral
CHILD & FAMILY SOCIAL WORK v. 2 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Child & Family Social Work AcademicSearchElite
Child Abuse & Neglect 1977-1994. ScienceDirectBackFile
Child Abuse & Neglect 2007 v. 31 - Clinical Key [chulamed]
CHILD ABUSE REVIEW v. 5 , 1996 - WileyFullCollection
Child Abuse Review 1992- delay 1 year AcademicSearchPremier
CHILD AND ADOLESCENT MENTAL HEALTH v. 2 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Child & Adolescent Mental Health 1998-[delay 1 year] AcademicSearchPremier
Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America 2002- MDConsult-eClinicsSDOL
Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America 2007 v. 16- Clinical Key [chulamed]
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinics of North America 2003 Vol 12 No. 1 Free issue from theclinics.com
Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal AcademicSearchPremier
CHILD: CARE, HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT v. 23 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Child: Care, Health & Development 1998- [delay 1 year] AcademicSearchPremier
Child Care in Practice 1997- Taylor&Francis
Child Care in Practice 2002- [delay 1 year] AcademicSearchPremier
CHILD DEVELOPMENT v. 68 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Child Development 1930 - [delay 1 year] AcademicSearchPremier
Child Development 1930 - 1999 [delay 5 year] JSTOR
CHILD DEVELOPMENT PERSPECTIVES v. 1 , 2007 - WileyFullCollection
Child & Family Behavior Therapy 1997- Taylor&Francis
Child & Family Social Work AcademicSearchPremier
Child Health Alert 1997- ProQuestMed
Child Health Alert 1996- AcademicSearchPremier
Child Language Teaching Therapy SagePublication
Child Maltreatment SagePublication
Child Neuropsychology 1997- Taylor
Child Neuropsychology 1997- [delay 1 year] AcademicSearchPremier
Child' s Nervous System 1985- SpringerLINK
Child Psychiatry & Human Development 1997- SpringerLink
Child Psychiatry & Human Development 1993- [delay 1 year] AcademicSearchPremier
Child Study Journal AcademicSearchPremier
Child Welfare AcademicSearchPremier
Child & Youth Care Forum 1997- SpringerLink
Child & Youth Care Forum 1998- delay 1 year AcademicSearchPremier
Child & Youth Services 1997- Taylor&Francis
Childhood SagePublication
Childhood Obesity 2005- FreeTill 30 Nov 2010
Children's Geographies 1997- Taylor&Francis
Children's Geographies 2003- delay 1 year AcademicSearchPremier
Children's Health Care 1997- Taylor&Francis
Children's Health Care 1981- [delay 1 year] AcademicSearchPremier
Children's Literature in Education AcademicSearchPremier
Children's Services: Social Policy, Research & Practice AcademicSearchPremier
Children & Schools AcademicSearchPremier
CHILDREN & SOCIETY v. 1 , 1987 - WileyFullCollection
Children & Society AcademicSearchPremier
Children Today AcademicSearchPremier
Children and Youth Services Review ScienceDirect
China Business Review ProQuest
China Economic Review ScienceDirect
China Oil & Gas Link
CHINA AND WORLD ECONOMY v. 14 , 2006 - WileyFullCollection
Chinese America: History & Perspectives AcademicSearchPremier
Chinese American Forum AcademicSearchPremier
Chinese Annals of Mathematics AcademicSearchPremier
Chinese Astronomy ScienceDirect
Chinese Astronomy and Astrophysics ScienceDirect
Chinese Education & Society AcademicSearchPremier
Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering AcademicSearchPremier
Chinese Chemical Letters FreeMedJ
CHINESE JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY v. 23 , 2005 - WileyFullCollection
Chinese Journal of Digestive Diseases 2000- Blackwell
Chinese Journal of Digestive Diseases 2000- [delay 1 year] AcademicSearchPremier
Chinese Journal of Geochemistry AcademicSearchPremier
Chinese Journal of International Law AcademicSearchPremier
Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering AcademicSearchPremier
Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering Link
Chinese Journal of Polymer Science Link
Chinese Journal of Polymer Science AcademicSearchPremier
Chinese journal of traumatology = Chung-hua ch'uang shang tsa chih 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 PubMedLinkOut
Chinese Law & Government AcademicSearchPremier
Chinese Medical Journal FreeMedJ
Chinese Medical Journal (Taipei) Free 2002-2003 FreeMedJ
Chinese Medical Sciences Journal Biomedical
Chinese Medicine  v.1;2006 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Chinese Medicine 2010- Free@scirp.org
Chinese Science Bulletin v.42 1997- Springerlink
Chinese Sociology & Anthropology AcademicSearchPremier
Chinese Studies in History AcademicSearchPremier
Chinesische Medizin LINK
CHIRALITY v. 8 , 1996 - WileyFullCollection
Chiropractic & Osteopathy  v.13;2005 - ImmediatePubMedCentral
Chirurg, Der LINK
Chirurgie ScienceDirect
Chirurgie de la Main ScienceDirect
Chirurgische Gastroenterologie (Issues) 1992-2008.
          Click "Contents : all years" to see 1992-2008
          Continued by : Viszeralmedizine : Gastrointestinal Medicine and Surgery
Choices: The Magazine of Food, Farm & Resource Issues AcademicSearchPremier
Choir & Organ AcademicSearchPremier
Christian Bioethics 1996 - chulamed-oxford
Christian Bioethics 1998 - 2007. Taylor&Francis
Christian Bioethics 1997 - delay 1 year Medline&AcadMedComplete
Christian Bioethics: Non-Ecumenical Studies in Medical Morality 1996 - Chulamed-Oxford
Christian Century AcademicSearchPremier
Christian Higher Education AcademicSearchPremier
Christian History AcademicSearchPremier
Christian History & Biography AcademicSearchPremier
Christian Science Monitor AcademicSearchPremier
Christianity & Literature AcademicSearchPremier
Christianity Today AcademicSearchPremier
Chromatographic ReviewsScienceDirect
Chromosoma 1997- SpringerLink
Chronic Disease Note and Reports FreeMedJ
Chronic Diseases in Canada FreeMedJ
Chronic Illness SagePublication
Chronic Respiratory Disease SagePublication
Chronicle of Higher Education AcademicSearchElite
Chronobiology International 1984- chulamed-InformaHealthCare
Chronobiology International: The Journal of Biological & Medical Rhythm Research 2000- [delay 1 year] AcademicSearchPremier
Church History AcademicSearchPremier
Church & State AcademicSearchPremier
CIA World Fact Book AcademicSearchPremier
CIBC Observations AcademicSearchPremier
Cicero's Knowledge of the Peripatos - Rutgers University Studies in Classical Humanities AcademicSearchPremier
Cineaste AcademicSearchPremier
Cinema Journal AcademicSearchPremier
Cinta de Moebio : Revista Electronica de epistemologia de ciencas sociales FreeMedJ
Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing Link
Circulation 1950- Chulamed-lwwovid&BackFile
Circulation 1995- Chulamed-aha
Circulation free after 1 year FreeMedJ/HighWire
Circulation Journal FreeMedJ
Circulation Research 1953- LWW@ovid
Circulation Research free after 1 year FreeMedJ/HighWire
Cistercian Studies Quarterly AcademicSearchPremier
Cities ScienceDirect
Citizens Centre Report AcademicSearchPremier
Citizenship Studies AcademicSearchPremier
City AcademicSearchPremier
CITY & COMMUNITY v. 1 , 2002 - WileyFullCollection
City & Community AcademicSearchPremier
CITY & SOCIETY v. 9 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Civil Engineering AcademicSearchPremier
Civil Engineering & Environmental Systems AcademicSearchPremier
Civil War Times Illustrated AcademicSearchPremier
Civil Wars AcademicSearchPremier
Civilization AcademicSearchElite
CJASN - Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 2006- Chulamed@cjasn
CJASN - Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 2006- delay 1 year Free@cjasn
CJEM: The Journal of the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians AcademicSearchPremier
CJEM: The journal of the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians FreeMedJ


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