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Kansallis-Osake-Pankki Economic Review ProQuest
Kansas Quarterly AcademicSearchElite
Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences 2003 - Free@ajws.elsevier.com
Kardiovaskulare Medizin / Medicine Cardiovasculaire 2004- FreeMedJ
Kenyon Review AcademicSearchElite
Key Issues in Mental Health 2007-2009.KargerBkSeries Trail till Dec 2010
Kidney LINK
Kidney 1998 - delay 1 year AcademicSearchElite
Kidney and Blood Pressure Research  1978-
          Click "Contents : all years" to see 1978-present
          1978-1988 published under title "Renal Physiology",
          1989-1997 published under title "Renal Physiology and Biochemistry"
Kidney & Blood Pressure Research 1994- delay 1 year ProQuest
Kidney International 1972-present Nature.com
Kidney International Delay 12 months AcademicSearchPremier
Kinetoplastid biology and disease PubMedLinkOut
Kinetoplastid biology and disease FreeMedJ
Kiplinger's Personal Finance AcademicSearchElite
Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine AcademicSearchElite
Kirkus Reviews AcademicSearchElite
Kisaengch'unghak chapchi (The Korean journal of parasitology) 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 PubMedLinkOut
Klinik Psikofarmakoloji Bulteni FreeMedJ
Klinische Neuroradiologie LINK
Klinische Sportmedizin FreeMedJ
Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy 1997- LINK
Knowledge Acquisition ScienceDirect
Knowledge-Based Systems ScienceDirect
Knowledge & Policy AcademicSearchElite
Knowledge and Information Systems Link
Knowledge In Society AcademicSearchElite
Knowledge, Technology & Policy AcademicSearchElite
Kobe Journal of Medical Sciences FreeMedJ
Kognitionswissenschaft LINK
The Korean journal of hepatology. (Taehan Kan Hakhoe Chi) 2002 2003 PubMedLinkOut
The Korean Journal of Hepatology FreeMedJ
The Korean journal of parasitology 1996- FreeMedJ
The Korean journal of parasitology. (Korean J Parasitol): 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 PubMedLinkOut
Korean Journal of Parasitology see Kisaengch'unghak chapchi PubMedLinkOut
Korean Journal of Radiology 2000- FreeMedJ
Kyklos AcademicSearchElite
L'Anthropologie ScienceDirect
Laboratoriums Medizin 2002-2003. Blackwell Synergy
Lab Animal Nature Trial till April 08
Laboratory Animals
      Sage RSM chulamed 1999-
      Medline Complete 2001- delay 1 year
      ProQuest Med Complete 2003-2006.
Laboratory Automation & Information Management ScienceDirect
Laboratory Investigation 2000-2006. Nature free online
Laboratory Investigation - free after one year FreeMedJ
Laboratory Investigation after 1 year HighWire
LABOUR v. 11 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Labour Economics ScienceDirect
Lambda Book Report AcademicSearchElite
Lancet 1823 - ScienceDirect&BackFile
LANCET 1996 - username/password required ChulaMed@theLancet.com
Lancet 1992 - delay 2 months ProQuest
Lancet 1991-2006. AcadSearchComplete
Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology
       ScienceDirect 2013-
       Clinical Key 2013-
Lancet Global Health
       Clinical Key 2013-
Lancet Haematology
       Clinical Key 2014-
Lancet HIV
       Clinical Key 2014-
Lancet Infectious Diseases 2001- ScienceDirect
Lancet Infectious Disease 2007- ClinicalKey
Lancet Infectious Diseases 2001- delay 1 year ProQuest
Lancet Neurology 2002- ScienceDirect
Lancet Neurology 2007- ClinicalKey
Lancet Neurology 2002- delay 1 year ProQuest
Lancet Oncology 2000 - ScienceDirect
Lancet Oncology 2007 - ClinicalKey
The Lancet Oncology 2002- delay 1 year ProQuest
Lancet Psychiatry
       Clinical Key 2014-
Lancet Respiratory Medicine
       Clinical Key 2013-
       ScienceDirect 2013-
LAND DEGRADATION AND DEVELOPMENT v. 7 , 1996 - WileyFullCollection
Land Use Policy ScienceDirect
Landscape and Planning ScienceDirect
Landscape and Urban Planning ScienceDirect
Langenbeck's Archives of Surgery LINK
Language & Cognitive Processes AcademicSearchElite
Language & Communication ScienceDirect
Language Sciences ScienceDirect
Language & Speech 1998 - ProQuestMedComplete
Language Acquisition AcademicSearchElite
LANGUAGE LEARNING v. 47 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Language Learning AcademicSearchElite
Language Testing AcademicSearchElite
Language, Speech, & Hearing Services in Schools AcademicSearchElite
Laryngoscope 1997 - Chulamed-Wiley
Laryngoscope 2000-2008. Moved to Wiley Publisher Chulamed(lww-ovid)
Laser Focus World 1994- AcadSearchComplete
Laser and Particle Beams [Click Browse Journal -> Alphabetically] Free from Cambridge
Lasers in Medical Science 1986- SpringerLINK&Archive
Lasers in Medical Science 2003- delay 1 year MedlineComplete
Lasers in Medical Science 2002- delay 1 year ProquestMedComplete
LASER PHYSICS LETTERS v. 1 , 2004 - WileyFullCollection
LASER TECHNIK JOURNAL v. 1 , 2004 - WileyFullCollection
LASERS IN SURGERY AND MEDICINE v. 18 , 1996 - WileyFullCollection
Latin American Music Review AcademicSearchElite
LATIN AMERICAN POLICY v. 0 , 2010 - WileyFullCollection
LATIN AMERICAN POLITICS AND SOCIETY v. 38 , 1996 - WileyFullCollection
Latin American Politics & Society AcademicSearchElite
Latin American Research Review AcademicSearchElite
LAW & POLICY v. 19 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Law & Policy in International Business ProQuest
Law & Psychology Review 2007- AcadSearchComplete
LAW & SOCIAL INQUIRY v. 22 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
LAW & SOCIETY REVIEW v. 37 , 2003 - WileyFullCollection
Law & Society Review AcademicSearchElite
Le Journal Français de l'Orthopédie FreeMedJ
Leadership AcademicSearchElite
Leadership & Organization Development Journal ProQuest
The Leadership Quarterly ScienceDirect
Learning and Individual Differences ScienceDirect
Learning & Individual Differences AcademicSearchElite
Learning and Instruction ScienceDirect
Learning & Memory after 1 year HighWire/FreeMedJ
Learning and Motivation ScienceDirect
Learning Disabilities Research & Practice 2001- Wiley[Blackwell]
Learning Disability Quarterly AcademicSearchElite
Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft und-Technologie ScienceDirect
Legal Assistant Today ProQuest
Legal Medicine ScienceDirect
LEGAL STUDIES v. 17 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Legaldate AcademicSearchElite
Leonardo AcademicSearchElite
Leonardo Music Journal AcademicSearchElite
Leprosy Review FreeMedJ
Lesbian News AcademicSearchElite
Lesbian Review of Books AcademicSearchElite
LETHAIA v. 30 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
LETTERS IN APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY v. 24 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Letters in Applied Microbiology (free after 3 years + reviews) FreeMedJ
Letters in Heat and Mass Transfer ScienceDirect
Lettera Matematica Pristem Link
           NGP chulamed 1997-2008, 2009-
           AcadSearchComplete & MedlineComplete 1997- delay 1 year
           ProQuestMedComplete 2000- delay 1 year
Leukemia Insights Newsletter FreeMedJ
Leukemia & Lymphoma 1989- chulamed-InformaHealthCare
Leukemia & Lymphoma 1998- delay 1 year AcadSearchComplete
Leukemia Research 1995 - ScienceDirect
Liberal Education AcademicSearchElite
Library Acquisitions: Practice & Theory ScienceDirect
Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services ScienceDirect
Library Computing: Internet & Software Applications for Information Professionals AcademicSearchElite
Library Imagination Paper AcademicSearchElite
Library & Information Science Research ScienceDirect
Library Journal AcademicSearchElite
Library Management ProQuest
Library Mosaics AcademicSearchElite
Library Quarterly AcademicSearchElite
Library Software Review ProQuest
Library Software Review AcademicSearchElite
Library Talk AcademicSearchElite
Library Technology Reports AcademicSearchElite
Library Trends AcademicSearchElite
The Lichenologist ScienceDirect
Life AcademicSearchElite
Life & Health Insurance Sales ProQuest
Life Association News ProQuest
Lifelong Learning Market Report AcademicSearchElite
Life Sciences 1962- ScienceDirect
Limnology LINK
LIMRA's marketFacts ProQuest
Linear Algebra and its Applications ScienceDirect
Lingua ScienceDirect
Linguistics and Education ScienceDirect
Linguistic Inquiry AcademicSearchElite
Link - up ProQuest
Lipids in health and disease PubMedLinkOut/FreeMedJ
LIPID TECHNOLOGY v. 18 , 2006 - WileyFullCollection
LITERACY v. 38 , 2004 - WileyFullCollection
Literacy Today AcademicSearchElite
Literary Review AcademicSearchElite
Literature & History AcademicSearchElite
Literature Film Quarterly AcademicSearchElite
Lithos ScienceDirect
Liver Biomedical
LIVER INTERNATIONAL v. 23 , 2003 - WileyFullCollection
Liver Transplantation Till 2003 ScienceDirect
LIVER TRANSPLANTATION v. 1 , 1995 - chulamedWileyFullCollection
Livestock Production Science ScienceDirect
Lodging Hospitality ProQuest
Local Environment AcademicSearchElite
Location Science ScienceDirect
Logistics & Transportation Review ProQuest
Logistics Information Management ProQuest
Logistics Management & Distribution Report ProQuest
Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology 1991- chulamed-InformaHealthCare
Long Range Planning ScienceDirect
Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology Biomedical
Lung Biomedical
Lung AcademicSearchElite
Lung Cancer ScienceDirect
Lupus Biomedical
Machine Design ProQuest
Machine Vision and Applications Link
Maclean's AcademicSearchElite
MACROMOLECULAR BIOSCIENCE v. 1 , 2001 - WileyFullCollection
MACROMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS v. 200 , 1999 - WileyFullCollection
MACROMOLECULAR MATERIALS & ENGINEERING v. 274 , 2000 - WileyFullCollection
MACROMOLECULAR SYMPOSIA v. 149 , 2000 - WileyFullCollection
Macworld AcademicSearchElite
Macworld ProQuest
Magill Book Reviews AcademicSearchElite
Magnetic Resonance 2003- Free some issues
MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN CHEMISTRY v. 34 , 1996 - WileyFullCollection
Magnetic Resonance Imaging 1982 - ScienceDirect+BackFile
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinics of North America 2002- MDConsult-eClinicsSDOL
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinics of North America 2007 - present chulamed-ClinicalKey
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinics of North America 2003 Vol 11 No. 1 Free issue from theclinics.com
Magnetic Resonance Materials in Biology, Physics, and Medicine ScienceDirect
MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE v. 41 , 1999 - WileyFullCollection
Magyar onkologia 1961 1962 1963 1964 2000 2001 2002 2003 PubMedLinkOut
Malaria Journal FreeMedJ
Malta Medical Journal FreeMedJ
MAMMAL REVIEW v. 26 , 1996 - WileyFullCollection
Mammalian Genome LINK
Manage ProQuest
Managed Care FreeMedJ
Managed Care Quarterly ProQuest
Managed Care Quarterly Biomedical
Malaria journal PubMedLinkOut
Managed Healthcare ProQuest
Management Accounting ProQuest
Management Accounting-London ProQuest
Management Accounting Research ScienceDirect
Management-Auckland ProQuest
Management Decision ProQuest
Management Development Review ProQuest
Management Education & Development ProQuest
Management Education & Development* AcademicSearchElite
Management International Review ProQuest
Management Learning ProQuest
MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION REVIEW v. 1 , 2005 - WileyFullCollection
Management Quarterly ProQuest
Management Research News: MRN ProQuest
Management Review ProQuest
Management Services ProQuest
Management Today ProQuest
Managerial Auditing Journal ProQuest
MANAGERIAL AND DECISION ECONOMICS v. 17 , 1996 - WileyFullCollection
Managerial Law ProQuest
Managers Magazine ProQuest
Managing Intellectual Property ProQuest
Managing Office Technology ProQuest
Managing Service Quality ProQuest
Mankind Quarterly AcademicSearchElite
Manual Therapy ScienceDirect
Manuelle Medizin LINK
Manufacturing Engineering ProQuest
Manufacturing Systems ProQuest
Manuscripta Mathematica Link
Marine Biology Link
Marine Biotechnology Link
Marine Chemistry ScienceDirect
MARINE ECOLOGY v. 18 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Marine Environmental Research ScienceDirect
Marine Fisheries Review AcademicSearchElite
Marine Geology ScienceDirect
MARINE MAMMAL SCIENCE v. 13 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Marine Micropaleontology ScienceDirect
Marine Models ScienceDirect
Marine Models ScienceDirect
Marine and Petroleum Geology ScienceDirect
Marine Policy ScienceDirect
Marine Pollution Bulletin ScienceDirect
Marine Structures ScienceDirect
Marketing ProQuest
Marketing Health Services 1997- MedlineComplete
Marketing Health Services 1987-2002. ProQuest
Marketing Intelligence & Planning ProQuest
Marketing Management ProQuest
Marketing News ProQuest
Marketing Research ProQuest
Marketing Tools ProQuest
Marketing Week ProQuest
MASS SPECTROMETRY REVIEWS v. 15 , 1996 - WileyFullCollection
Massachusetts CPA Review ProQuest
Massachusetts Review AcademicSearchElite
Materials & Design ScienceDirect
Materials Characterization 1995- ScienceDirect
Materials Chemistry and Physics 1995- ScienceDirect
Materials Express 2001- Open Access Journal
Materials Letters 1995- ScienceDirect
Material Handling Engineering ProQuest
Material Handling Management ProQuest
Materials Research Bulletin 1995- ScienceDirect
Materials Research Innovations Link
Materials Sciences and Applications v.1- 2010- Free@scirp.org
Materials Science and Engineering A 1995- ScienceDirect
Materials Science and Engineering B 1995- ScienceDirect
Materials Science and Engineering: C 1995- ScienceDirect
Materials Science and Engineering: R: Reports 1995- ScienceDirect
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 1998- ScienceDirect
Materials Today 1998- ScienceDirect
Math & Science Magazine Package Link
Mathematica in Education and Research at http://www.telospub.com Link
Mathematical Biosciences ScienceDirect
Mathematical and Computer Modelling ScienceDirect
MATHEMATICAL FINANCE v. 7 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Mathematical Intelligencer AcademicSearchElite
Mathematical Intelligencer, The Link
Mathematical Medicine and Biology: A Journal of the IMA 1996 - Chulamed-Oxford
Mathematical Methods of Operations Research Link
Mathematical Modelling ScienceDirect
Mathematical Programming Link
Mathematical Social Sciences ScienceDirect
Mathematical Thinking & Learning AcademicSearchElite
Mathematics & Mechanics of Solids AcademicSearchElite
Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems MCSS Link
Mathematics Teacher AcademicSearchElite
Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School AcademicSearchElite
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation ScienceDirect
Mathematische Annalen Link
MATHEMATISCHE NACHRICHTEN v. 209 , 2000 - WileyFullCollection
Mathematische Semesterberichte Link
Mathematische Zeitschrift Link
Matrix Biology ScienceDirect
Maturitas ScienceDirect
MAUERWERK v. 8 , 2004 - WileyFullCollection
Mayo Clinic Proceedings 1995 - free after 6 month Free@mayoclinicproceedings.com
Mayo Clinic Proceedings 1997 - ProQuest
Mayo Clinic Proceedings 2003- AcadSearchComplete
Mayo Clinic Proceedings - free after 6 month FreeMedJ
mBio 2010 - chulamed-ASMClinPack
MC Technology Marketing Intelligence ProQuest
McGill Journal of Medicine FreeMedJ
McKinsey Quarterly ProQuest
MCN : American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing Free from LwwOVID
M.D. Computing No longer published by Springer-Verlag LINK
Meanjin AcademicSearchElite
Measurement ScienceDirect
Measurement & Evaluation in Counseling & Development AcademicSearchElite
Measurement in Physical Education & Exercise Science AcademicSearchElite
Meat Science ScienceDirect
Mecanique & Industries ScienceDirect
Mechanical Engineering ProQuest
Mechanical Engineering AcademicSearchElite
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing ScienceDirect
Mechanics of Materials ScienceDirect
Mechanics Research Communications ScienceDirect
Mechanism and Machine Theory ScienceDirect
Mechanisms of Ageing and Development ScienceDirect
Mechanisms of Development ScienceDirect
Mechatronics ScienceDirect
Medecine de Catastrophe - urgences collectives ScienceDirect
Medecine & Droit ScienceDirect
Medecine et Maladies Infectieuses ScienceDirect
MedGenMed 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 PubMedLinkOut
Media & Methods AcademicSearchElite
Media, Culture & Society AcademicSearchElite
Mediators of Inflammation Biomedical
Mediaweek ProQuest
MediaWeek AcademicSearchElite
MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY QUARTERLY v. 1 , 1987 - WileyFullCollection
Medical Archives 2010 - Free@Scopemed.com
Medical Care 1996-LWW@ovid
Medical Care Research & Review Biomedical
Medical Care Research & Review AcademicSearchElite
Medical Clinics of North America 1996- MDConsult-eClinicsSDOL
Medical Clinics of North America 2007 - present chulamed-ClinicalKey
Medical Clinics of North America 2003 Vol 87 No. 1 Free issue from theclinics.com
Medical Decision Making 1996-2004. ProQuest
Medical Economics FreeOnline
Medical Economics ProQuest
MEDICAL EDUCATION v. 10 , 1976 - WileyFullCollection
Medical Education 1998 - [delay 1 year] AcademicSearchElite
Medical Education Online FreeMedJ
Medical Electron Microscopy LINK
Medical Engineering & Physics ScienceDirect
Medical Ethics and Bioethics FreeMedJ
Medical Group Management Journal ProQuest
Medical History ProQuest
Medical History FreeMedJ
Medical Humanities 2000-Chulamed-BMJ
Medical Humanities Free after 1 year FreeMedJ
Medical Hypotheses ScienceDirect
Medical Image Analysis ScienceDirect
Medical immunology PubMedLinkOut/FreeMedJ
Medical Informatics & the Internet in Medicine Biomedical
Medical Journal of Australia 1996 - Chulamed
Medical Journal of Australia 2004-2008. ProQuestMedComplete
Medical Law Review 1993 - Chulamed-Oxford&Archive
Medical Law Review 1996 - delay 1 yearChulamed-Medline
Medical Law Review 1999 - 2009.ProQuestMedComplete
Medical Letter on Drugs and Therapeutics 1988- Chulamed login/password required
Medical Marketing & Media ProQuest
Medical Microbiology and Immunology LINK
Medical Molecular Morphology 2005-2008. SpringerLINK
Medical Mycology 1962-2010.
   2014 will be published by Oxford Univ Press
Medical Mycology 2003- delay 1 year chulamed-Medline
Medical Post FreeMedJ
Medical Principles and Practice 1989-
          Click "Contents : all years" to see 1989-present
Medical Progress FreeOnline
Medical Science Monitor 1996- pls select PDF type = for PERSONAL USE FreeForPersonalUse
Medical & Surgical Dermatology LINK
Medical Teacher 1979- chulamed-InformaHealthCare
Medical Teacher 1990- delay 1 year AcadSearchComplete
Medical Teacher 1997-2000. ProQuestMedComplete
Medical Update for Psychiatrists ScienceDirect
MEDICAL AND VETERINARY ENTOMOLOGY v. 11 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Medical & Veterinary Entomology Biomedical
MEDICC review FreeMedJ
Medicina clinica 1998 1999 2000 2001 PubMedLinkOut
Medicina Oral PubMedLinkOut
MEDICINAL RESEARCH REVIEWS v. 16 , 1996 - WileyFullCollection
Medicine 1922- Chulamed(lww-ovid&BackFile)
Medicine and Global Survival FreeMedJ
Medicine, Science and the Law
      Sage RSM chulamed 2003-
      Medline Complete 2009- delay 1 year
Medicine and Science in Tennis FreeMedJ
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 1980-LWW@ovid&BackFile
Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise 1998- Wilson
Medicine and Sport Science 2007-2009.KargerBkSeries Trail till Dec 2010
Medicines Management FreeMedJ
Medicinski Arhiv (Medical Archives) 2010 - Free@Scopemed.com
Medico-Legal Journal
      Sage RSM chulamed 1999-
      Medline Complete 2009- delay 1 year
Medicus FreeMedJ
Medium Aevum AcademicSearchElite
Medizinische Klinik LINK
MedlinePlus Publications FreeMedJ
MedR Medizinrecht LINK
Medscape women's health 1999 2000 2001 2002 PubMedLinkOut
Medsurg Nursing ProQuest
MEDSURG Nursing AcademicSearchElite
MELUS AcademicSearchElite
Membrane Technology 1995- ScienceDirect
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz FreeMedJ
Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 PubMedLinkOut
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz FreeMedJ
Memory Biomedical
Men & Masculinities AcademicSearchElite
Men's Health AcademicSearchElite
Menopause 1994-LWW@ovid&BackFile
Menopause International
      Sage RSM chulamed 2000-
      Medline Complete 2007- delay 1 year
Mental Health Practice AcademicSearchElite
Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning AcademicSearchElite
Mercury AcademicSearchElite
MeReC Briefing FreeMedJ
MeReC Bulletin FreeMedJ
MeReC Extra FreeMedJ
Mergers & Acquisitions ProQuest
Metabolic Engineering ScienceDirect
Molecular Diagnosis & Therapy
      Springer ADIS chulamed 2000-
      Medline Complete chulamed 2006- delay 6 months
      ProQuest Med Complete 2008- delay 6 months
MOLECULAR REPRODUCTION & DEVELOPMENT v. 43 , 1996 - WileyFullCollection
Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders 2003- FreeTill 10 Nov 2010
Metabolism 1995- ScienceDirect
Metal Center News ProQuest
Metal Finishing ScienceDirect
Metal Powder Report ScienceDirect
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A ScienceDirect
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B ScienceDirect
METAPHILOSOPHY v. 28 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
METEOROLOGICAL APPLICATIONS v. 4 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics Link
Methods ScienceDirect
Methods in Biotechnology v.1, 1996- Chulamed-SpringerProtocols
Methods of Information in Medicine 1999- delay 1 year FreeMedJ
Methods in Molecular Biology v.1, 1984- Chulamed-SpringerProtocols
Methods in Molecular Medicine v.1, 1996- Chulamed-SpringerProtocols
Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology 2004- Chulamed-SpringerProtocols
Metrika Link
METROECONOMICA v. 48 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
MHR: Basic science of reproductive medicine 1995 - Chulamed-Oxford&Archive
MHR: Basic science of reproductive medicine 1996 - delay 1 year Chulamed-Medline
MHR: Basic science of reproductive medicine 1999 - 2009. ProQuestMedComplete
Michigan Law Review ProQuest
Michigan Law Review Biomedical
Michigan Law Review AcademicSearchElite
Michigan Oncology Journal FreeMedJ
Microbes and Environments FreeMedJ
Microbes and Infection ScienceDirect
Microbial cell factories PubMedLinkOut/FreeMedJ
Microbial Ecology LINK
Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease 1988- chulamed-InformaHealthCare
Microbial Ecology in Health & Disease 1998- delay 1 year AcademicSearchComplete
Microbial Pathogenesis ScienceDirect
Microbiology after 1 year HighWire/FreeMedJ
MICROBIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY v. 52 , 2008 - WileyFullCollection
Microbiology and Immunology 1984 - J-Stage
Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews - free after one year FreeMedJ/HighWire
Microbiology Today FreeMedJ
Microchemical Journal ScienceDirect
Microcirculation 1994- chulamed-InformaHealthCare
Microelectronic Engineering ScienceDirect
Microelectronics Journal ScienceDirect
Microelectronics Reliability ScienceDirect
Micron ScienceDirect
Micron 1969 ScienceDirect
Micron and Microscopica Acta ScienceDirect
Microporous Materials ScienceDirect
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials ScienceDirect
Microprocessors ScienceDirect
Microprocessors and Microsystems ScienceDirect
Microscopy and Microanalysis [Click Browse Journal -> Alphabetically] Free from Cambridge
MICROSCOPY RESEARCH AND TECHNIQUE v. 33 , 1996 - WileyFullCollection
MICROSURGERY v. 17 , 1996 - chulamedWileyFullCollection
Microsystem Technologies Link
Microvascular Research ScienceDirect
Mid - Atlantic Journal of Business ProQuest
Middle East Journal of Anaesthesiology 1968- Free-JournalReviewOrg
Middle East Journal of Emergency Medicine 2002- Free-OpenJGate
MIDDLE EAST POLICY v. 1 , 1992 - WileyFullCollection
Midrange Systems ProQuest
Midwest Quarterly AcademicSearchElite
MIDWEST STUDIES IN PHILOSOPHY v. 21 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Midwifery ScienceDirect
Mikrochimica Acta LINK
Milan Journal of Mathematics and Physics Link
Milbank Quarterly Biomedical
Military & Aerospace Electronics AcademicSearchElite
Military History AcademicSearchElite
Military Medicine ProQuest
Military Psychology AcademicSearchElite
MILTON QUARTERLY v. 31 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Milton Quarterly AcademicSearchElite
Mind 1876- chulamed-Oxford&Archive
Mind 1996- delay 1 year AcadSearchComplete
Mind 1876-2006. JSTOR
MIND & LANGUAGE v. 12 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Mine Water and the Environment Link
Mineralium Deposita Link
Mineralogy and Petrology Link
Minerals Engineering ScienceDirect
Minimally Invasive Therapy & Allied Technologies 1991- chulamed-InformaHealthCare
Minnesota Medicine (Selection) FreeMedJ
MIS Quarterly AcademicSearchElite
MIS Quarterly ProQuest
Mississippi Quarterly AcademicSearchElite
MIT's Technology Review AcademicSearchElite
MIT's Technology Review ProQuest
Mitochondrial DNA 1990- chulamed-InformaHealthCare
Mitochondrion ScienceDirect
Mitteilungsblatt der Fachgruppe Analytische Chemie der Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker Link
MLQ- MATHEMATICAL LOGIC QUARTERLY v. 46 , 2000 - WileyFullCollection
MMWR- Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report Chulamed/FreeMedJ
MMWR. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report ProQuest
MMWR: Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report Biomedical
MMWR: Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report AcademicSearchElite
MMWR Recommendations and Reports FreeMedJ
MMWR Reports on HIV/AIDS FreeMedJ
MMWR Supplements FreeMedJ
Mnemosyne AcademicSearchElite
Modern Age AcademicSearchElite
Modern China AcademicSearchElite
Modern Drama AcademicSearchElite
Modern Drug Discovery - Some articles in Archives and Free Print Subscription ACS
Modern Drug Discovery FreeMedJ
Modern Healthcare 1999- ProQuestMedComplete
Modern Healthcare 1996- MedlineComplete
MODERN LANGUAGE JOURNAL v. 83 , 1999 - WileyFullCollection
Modern Language Quarterly AcademicSearchElite
Modern Medicine AcademicSearchElite
Modern Office Technology ProQuest
Modern Paint & Coatings ProQuest
Modern Pathology Nature trial till Apr 08
Modern Pathology - free after one year FreeMedJ
Modern Pathology after 1 year HighWire
Modern Philology AcademicSearchElite
Modern Physician AcademicSearchElite
Modern Rheumatology LINK
MODERN THEOLOGY v. 1 , 1984 - WileyFullCollection
Modern Trends in Pharmacopsychiatry 2007-2009.KargerBkSeries Trail till Dec 2010
Molding Systems ProQuest
Molecular Aspects of Medicine 1976- ScienceDirect
Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology 1980- ScienceDirect
Molecular Biology of the Cell 1983- chulamed-Oxford
Molecular Biology of the Cell 1996- delay 1 year chulamed-Medline
Molecular Brain Research 1995-2005. ScienceDirect
Molecular cancer PubMedLinkOut/FreeMedJ
Molecular Cancer Research 2002- Chulamed(aacr)
Molecular Cancer Research free after 1 year HighWire/FreeMedJ
Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 2001- Chulamed(aacr)
Molecular Cancer Therapeutics after 1 year HighWire/FreeMedJ
MOLECULAR CARCINOGENESIS v. 15 , 1996 - WileyFullCollection
Molecular Cell ScienceDirect
Molecular Cell Biology Research Communications 1999-2001. ScienceDirect
Molecular and Cellular Biology after 6 months HighWire/FreeMedJ
Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 1974- ScienceDirect
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 1995- ScienceDirect
Molecular and Cellular Probes 1995- ScienceDirect
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 2002- delay 1 year HighWire/FreeMedJ
Molecular Diagnosis & Therapy 2006- Chulamed-ADIS
Molecular Diagnosis & Therapy 2008- delay 6 months ProQuestMed
MOLECULAR ECOLOGY v. 6 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
Molecular Ecology AcademicSearchElite
MOLECULAR ECOLOGY RESOURCES v. 8 , 2008 - WileyFullCollection
Molecular Endocrinology
     The Endocrine Legacy - chulamed 1987- 1996
     Free@HighWire 1997 - delay 1 year
Molecular Genetics and Genomics formerly Molecular and General Genetics MGG LINK
Molecular Genetics and Metabolism 1998- ScienceDirect
Molecular Imaging & Biology ScienceDirect
Molecular Immunology ScienceDirect
MOLECULAR INFORMATICS v. 22 , 2003 - WileyFullCollection
Molecular Interventions [ip] Chulamed
Molecular Interventions after 1 year HighWire/FreeMedJ
Molecular Marine Biology and Biotechnology LINK
Molecular Medicine FreeMedJ
Molecular Medicine Research v.1, 2008 - FreeOnline@spandidos
Molecular Medicine Today ScienceDirect
Molecular Membrane Biology 1978- chulamed-InformaHealthCare
Molecular Membrane Biology 1999- delay 1 year AcademicSearchComplete
Molecular Microbiology 1997- Wiley-BWFullFixed
Molecular Microbiology 1998- delay 1 year AcadSearchComplete
Molecular Microbiology (free after 18 months) FreeMedJ
MOLECULAR ORAL MICROBIOLOGY v. 0 , 2010 - WileyFullCollection
Molecular Pathology Free Online
Molecular Pharmacology [ip] Chulamed
Molecular Pharmacology after 1 year HighWire/FreeMedJ
Molecular Phylogenetics and EVution ScienceDirect
Molecular Physics 1996 to present (Embargo: 1 year) AcademicSearchElite
Molecular Physics 1958 to present Taylor&Francis
MOLECULAR PLANT PATHOLOGY v. 1 , 2000 - WileyFullCollection
Molecular PsychiatryNature trial till Apr 08
Molecular Syndromology 2010 - Chulamed-Karger
Molecular Systems BiologyNature trial till Apr 08
Molecular TherapyNature trial till Apr 08
Molecular Therapy ScienceDirect
Molecular Vision FreeMedJ
Molecules FreeMedJ
Molecules & Cells 1999 - 2004. AcademicSearchPremier
Molecules and Cells LINK
Molecules Online Link
Monatshefte fur Chemie / Chemical Monthly Link
Monatshefte fur Mathematik Link
Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde Link
Money ProQuest
Money AcademicSearchElite
Monist AcademicSearchElite
Monitor on Psychology FreeMedJ
Monographs in Clinical Cytology 2007-2009.KargerBkSeries Trail till Dec 2010
Monographs in Human Genetics 2007-2009.KargerBkSeries Trail till Dec 2010
Monographs in Oral Science 2007-2009.KargerBkSeries Trail till Dec 2010
Monographs in Virology 2007-2009.KargerBkSeries Trail till Dec 2010
Montana Business Quarterly ProQuest
Monthly Labor Review AcademicSearchElite
Monthly Labor Review ProQuest
Monthly Review: An Independent Socialist Magazine AcademicSearchElite
Monthly vital statistics report 1997 1998 PubMedLinkOut
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
      Center for Disease Control - chulamed 1982-
      Medline - chulamed 1994-
      JSTOR 1976-2010.
Mortality 1996 to present (Embargo: 1 year) AcademicSearchElite
Mortality 1996 to present Tay&Francis
Mortgage Banking ProQuest
Mother Earth News AcademicSearchElite
Mother Jones AcademicSearchElite
MOVEMENT DISORDERS v. 14 , 1999 - chulamedWileyFullCollection
Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine FreeMedJ
msJAMA FreeMedJ
Mucosal Immunology Nature Trial till April 08
Multimedia Manual of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery 2003- Free@Oxford
Multimedia Systems Link
Multinational Business Review ProQuest
Multinational Finance Journal ProQuest
Multinational Monitor AcademicSearchElite
Multiple Sclerosis Biomedical
Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie Link
MUSCLE AND NERVE v. 19 , 1996 - chulamedWileyFullCollection
MUSEUM ANTHROPOLOGY v. 21 , 1997 - WileyFullCollection
MUSEUM INTERNATIONAL v. 1 , 1948 - WileyFullCollection
Museum Management and Curatorship ScienceDirect
MUSIC ANALYSIS v. 18 , 1999 - WileyFullCollection
Music Education Research AcademicSearchElite
Music Educators Journal AcademicSearchElite
Music Perception AcademicSearchElite
Music Therapy Perspectives 1996- chulamed-Oxford
Muslim World AcademicSearchElite
Mutagenesis 1996 - Chulamed-Oxford
Mutation Research/DNA Repair ScienceDirect
Mutation Research/DNA Repair Reports ScienceDirect
Mutation Research/DNAging ScienceDirect
Mutation Research/Environmental Mutagenesis and Related Subjects ScienceDirect
Mutation Research/Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis ScienceDirect
Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology ScienceDirect
Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis ScienceDirect
Mutation Research Letters ScienceDirect
Mutation Research/Mutation Research Genomics ScienceDirect
Mutation Research/Reviews in Genetic Toxicology ScienceDirect
Mutation Research/Reviews in Mutation Research ScienceDirect
Mycologia - free trial FreeMedJ
Mycologia until 12/31/02 HighWire
Mycorrhiza Link
Mycoscience 2003- delay 1 year AcadSearchComplete
MYCOSES v. 38 , 1995 - WileyFullCollection
Mycoses 1999 - [delay 1 year] AcademicSearchPremier


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